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"The Reformed Family - According to the Word of God" (Wales, 2018)

Manuel Kuhs

"Behold, I Come Quickly: The Reformed, Biblical Doctrine of the End" (Castlewellan Castle, 2016)

Manuel Kuhs

"Be Ye Holy: The Reformed Doctrine of Sanctification" (Gartmore House, Scotland, 2014)

Manuel Kuhs


"Zealous of Good Works" (Rev. Martyn McGeown)

Main Speeches

  1. The Divine Work of Sanctification” (Prof. Engelsma)

  2. Sanctification and Justification: Relation and Differences” (Prof. Hanko)

  3. The Role of the Law in Sanctification” (Prof. Engelsma)

  4. The Imperfection of Sanctification in This Life” (Rom. 7) (Prof. Hanko)

  5. The Threat of Antinomianism” (Prof. Engelsma)

  6. The Victorious Christian Life” (Prof. Hanko)

Lord's Day Sermons

Special Lectures

"Ye Shall Be My Witnesses" (Lorne House, Northern Ireland, 2012)

Manuel Kuhs

MP3 Audio Files:

1  Declaring God's Glory Among the Gentiles - Rev. Angus Stewart

2  By the Spirit of the Lord - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  The Martyr Church's Witness to the Ascended Lord - Prof. David Engelsma

4  The Divine Calling to Witness - Prof. Herman Hanko

5  The Content of the Witness - Prof. David Engelsma

6  The Official Witness of the Church - Prof. Herman Hanko

7  The Personal Witness by the Word - Prof. David Engelsma

8  The Personal Witness of a Godly Life - Prof. Herman Hanko

9  The Manner of a Christian Witness - Prof. David Engelsma

  Mission Work: Message and Methods - Rev. Martyn McGeown

"The Word of God for our Generation" (Hebron Hall, Wales, 2010)

Manuel Kuhs

6  Towards a One-World Government - Prof. Herman Hanko

5  The Sexual Revolution - Prof. David Engelsma

4  The Reformed Believer and Money - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  The Abolition of Truth - Prof. David Engelsma

2  The Organic Development of Sin - Prof. Herman Hanko

1  The Reformed World and Life View - Prof. David Engelsma

  The Unbreakable Scripture - Prof. David Engelsma

  Cleanse Yourselves as God's Covenant Children - Prof. Herman Hanko

  Special Lecture: The Preservation of the Text of Scripture [notes] - Dr. David Allen

"The Work of the Holy Spirit " (The Share Centre, N. Ireland, 2008)

Manuel Kuhs

7  Special Lecture on Charismaticism - Rev. Angus Stewart

6  The Holy Spirit and the Church - Prof. Herman Hanko

5  The Holy Spirit and Assurance - Prof. David Engelsma

4  The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  The Holy Spirit and the Covenant of Grace - Prof. David Engelsma

2  The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit - Prof. Herman Hanko

1  The Person of the Holy Spirit - Prof. David Engelsma

"Keeping God’s Covenant" (High Leigh, England, 2004)

Manuel Kuhs

6  Keeping God's Covenant and the Antithetical Life - Prof. Herman Hanko

5  Keeping God's Covenant and the Exercise of Discipline - Prof. David Engelsma

4  Keeping God's Covenant in the Home - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  Keeping God's Covenant in Marriage - Prof. David Engelsma

2  Keeping God's Covenant in the Church - Prof. Herman Hanko

1  The Covenant We Must Keep - Prof. David Engelsma

"Sovereign Grace" (Galasheils, Scotland, 1994)

Manuel Kuhs

6  Sovereign Grace and Circumstances of Life - Prof. Herman Hanko

5  Sovereign Grace and Application of Salvation - Prof. David Engelsma

4  Sovereign Grace and The Development of Sin - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  Sovereign Grace and The Preaching of the Gospel - Prof. David Engelsma

2  Sovereign Grace and The Cross of Christ - Prof. Herman Hanko

1  Sovereign Grace and Predestination - Prof. David Engelsma

"The Covenant of Grace" ( Bangor, N. Ireland, 1992)

Manuel Kuhs

7  The Training and Rearing of Covenant Children - Prof. Herman Hanko

6  The Covenant as a Pattern for Marriage - Prof. David Engelsma

5  The Covenant Calling of the Antithetical Life - Prof. David Engelsma

4  The Covenant Children of Abraham - Prof. Herman Hanko

3  The Cosmic Character of the Covenant - Prof. David Engelsma

2  The Covenant with Adam, a Covenant of Works - Prof. Herman Hanko

1  The Source of the Covenant in the God Triune - Prof. David Engelsma