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2018 Wales, The Reformed Family—According to the Word of God


2018 Wales, The Reformed Family—According to the Word of God

Manuel Kuhs

 Click here to go to the official conference website 

Where: Hebron Hall, Cardiff, Wales

When: 21-28 July, 2018

6 Main Conference Addresses:

1. The Divine Origin of the Family (Rev. A. Lanning)

2. The Authoritative Content of the Gospel (Prof. D. Engelsma)

3. The God-Fearing Man and His Virtuous Wife (Rev. A. Lanning)

4. The Reformed Family: Parents and Children (Prof. D. Engelsma)

5. It Is Good to Be Single (Rev. A. Lanning)

6. Unbiblical Divorce and Adulterous Remarriage: A Scandal (Prof. D. Engelsma)


Saturday evening introductory speech: Rev. M. McGeown 

Sunday services
AM: The God of the Living (Matt. 22:23-33) - Rev. A. Lanning
PM: Rev. A. Stewart
Special lecture: Spousal Abuse in the Christian Community (Prof. D. Engelsma)

 Sunday afternoon: The Family and Education (Pete Adams)