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Payment by Cheque

European Union

The fee for membership in the British Reformed Fellowship, including a subscription to 4 issues of the British Reformed Journal, is £10. The annual fee of subscription for 4 issues of the BRJ only is also £10. Make cheque payable to "British Reformed Fellowship" (it is not sufficient to write "BRF"). All requests for membership and subscriptions, as well as any other correspondence not concerned with matters for printing in the Journal, should be sent to:
The BRF Secretary
Mr. Brian Crossett
50 Brookfield Heights
Doagh, Ballyclare,

Outside the EU

Subscription for 4 issues of the BRJ for those in N. America costs $20 (US). Make check payable to "Mary Stewart" and mail it (with your name and address) to:
Brian D. Dykstra
7869 Oak Tree Lane
Hudsonville, MI 49426